Welcome to the Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to begin creating fake android text messages.

Click the Next button below to start.

Name Option

Use this option to type the Contact Name you want to appear at the top of the text message conversation.

Name Preview

The name you type will appear in the message preview here.

Add Text Message

Add a new text message by using either the + Add Incoming Text button or the + Add Outgoing Text button.

Write Text Message

Start the conversation by typing the first message.

Select Bubble Type

Use the compare_arrows button to switch the message .

Preview Text Messages

The Colored bubbles will appear on the left as incoming messages. The White bubbles will appear on the right as outgoing messages.

Additional Settings

Click the Additional Settings headers ("Status Bar" or "Advanced Settings") to open up other settings that you can use to completely customize the rest of the options.

Create Image

When you have finished setting your options, click the Create Image button to create your Fake Android Text Message.

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Text Message Conversation

Contact Name

Contact Color

Add Incoming Text
Add Outgoing Text
Warning: Phone messages area has exceeded normal size.
Warning: Phone messages area has reached maximum size.

Status Bar

Advanced Settings

Create Image
1:00 PM
Contact Name

Select Contact Color